P O R T F O L I O    O F    B E N J A M I N    D A R L I N G


All of the following references are available on my LinkedIn page.


Ron Marc, Lead concept artist, Krome Studios (colleague)
worked directly with me

"Ben Darling is someone I have had the great pleasure to work with and I have to say, be just amazed by. Ben is one of those few people, he is truly talented and incredibly versatile. I've witnessed Ben write excellent shaders and then swap over to creating high poly models which he has then done an excellent job on, translating into tangible game assets that look stunning. He is doggedly persistent, he listens to critique and often has great suggestions on the visual as well as gameplay. Ben Darling is someone who I recommend whole heartedly." April 21, 2010

Terry Holderness, Shader Technical Artist, Krome Studios (colleague)
reported to me

"I have been working under Ben at Krome Studios for about a year, as a Technical Shader Artist, working on the "Legend of the Guardians" game. He has passed his amazing knowledge of Shaders and Hard-Edge modeling. I found Ben to be very eager to develop his own skills and eager to passed that knowledge on to me. Ben is a great guy that gets along with everyone and able to teach the technical and graphical knowledge of the shader pipeline. I would recommend Ben on the basis of his dedication to the job, and strives to push the limits and go above and beyond." April 21, 2010

Joel Styles, Lead technical artist, Krome Studios (colleague)
worked directly with me

"Ben is a highly talented individual, and all-around great guy! Need to implement the latest awesome graphical effect in your game? If you've got him on your staff, more likely than not he'll already have had it in-game for the last month and invented several other superior things in the mean-time. He comes from an art background, and his art and code abilities are both very high - the perfect blend of artistic understanding, technical knowledge bank, and practical coding skills. I have absolutely no qualms about recommending him for any role, he'd be an excellent addition to any high caliber studio." April 22, 2010

Brent Waller, Lead Environment Artist, Krome Studios (colleague)
worked directly with me

"I find it difficult to decide in what capacity to recommend Ben, he his both an excellent technical shader artist as well as an accomplished modeller and all round artist. He has the unique perspective of being a good artist with an in-depth knowledge of underlying rendering pipelines and engine systems. He would be an asset to any company in numerous possible positions." April 22, 2010

Dean Ferguson, Lead Character Artist, Krome Studios (colleague)
worked with me

"As a Lead Character artist I have been fortunate to work closely with Ben over the last few years. During this time he has shown himself to be an extremely versatile technical and traditional artist. His work with shaders allowed us to accomplish fantastic looking art without sacrificing speed. His understanding of the real limitations of making games and how to get the best out of what is available is beyond reproach. He is also a very talented modeler/texturer, especially his hard surface work which is always very accurate. Most importantly he is a great worker with a level of focus which is very rare. He is friendly, accessible and openly willing to help those who are in need. I have learnt a lot from Ben and I look forward to the opportunity to work with him again in the future." April 22, 2010

Ray Yang, Lead Artist, Krome Studios (colleague)
worked directly with me

"It has bee a great pleasure to work with Ben during the past 5 years at Krome, his solid knowledge on Maya and MAX helps the team to improve workflow as well as problem solving. Ben is a great artist himself and a great team player, he always welling to share what he knows and help out when ever he can." April 22, 2010

Jason Stark, Lead Artist, Krome Studios (colleague)
managed me

"Ben Darling has the broadest skillset of any artist I know. He is an accomplished Environment modeller, character modeller, technical artist, coder and shader writer. His has a complete grasp of the entire art pipeline and his work in all areas is consistently excellent." April 23, 2010

Adam Nichols, Senior Concept Artist, Krome (colleague)
worked with me

"Ben is one of the fastest modelers I've had the privilege to work with. His attention to detail with hard surface modelling in particular is really impressive and definitely AAA quality. He was always reliable, enthusiastic and extremely proactive. His skill set makes him also very well rounded as a technical artist among other things and I see Ben going a long long way. I hope we work together again very soon." April 21, 2010

Michael Cooper, Environment Artist, Krome Studios (colleague)
worked directly with me

"I was lucky enough to work with Ben on Hellboy at Krome Studios. His easy going personality makes him a pleasure to work with. As well as being an exceptional artist, Ben is also very technically minded with great problem solving skills. He is always willing to share his extensive knowledge to help out colleagues with their problems or to increase the efficiency of the work pipeline. He would make a very valuable member or any creative team." April 25, 2010


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